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The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life
170in x 54in
oil on canvas

Completed for the Peoria United Methodist Church near Maxwell, Iowa, the Tree of Life depicts members of the congregation (both living and deceased).

Formerly the collection of the Peoria United Methodist Church, Maxwell, Iowa, Now (2016) in the collection of the Maxwell History Museum, Maxwell, Iowa.

Prints are available on canvas or archival paper (unframed), color corrected with the orginal from a high resolution scan in the following sizes. Prices are subject to change, confirm before ordering.

Print pricing...dimensions are in decimal inches. Sales Tax/Shipping not included.
DimensionsArchival PaperCanvas
170w x54h   $1,468.80  $2,295.00
112.2w x35.64h   $639.81  $999.70
85w x27h   $367.20  $573.75
42.5w x13.5h   $91.80  $143.44
21.25w x6.75h   $22.95  $35.86