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May 1, 2018
Mary Greeley Hospital

August 1, 2018
Clear Lake Art Center

August 14, 2018
Clear Lake Art Center
  The Psychology of Creativity, Getting Past the Ugly Stage

Artist's Statement

I’ve been drawing and painting for most of my life. I’ve also had a career as an illustrator and as a designer (buildings mostly, and other things as well). But, painting and drawing have been the path for me that has been the most personal and meaningful. As a medium, drawing and painting allow for some of the oldest and simplest means of communication - through marks made on a surface with a brush, a stick of charcoal, or even just smudges with fingers. That simple creative dialog between a surface and the mind is sensually very compelling, and one of the most fundamental, life affirming occupations one could have.

I love oil paint. I suppose because it's like a living thing in the way that it translates light and the way it refuses to be taken for granted, demanding my sincere attention and discipline. One day it can be broad and expansive, another day I have to study it out. People are like that, too. Both have to be discerned and appreciated by how they act and react.